MFI Vane Axial Fans (Type VAF)


Air handling and ventilating and air conditioning.


Wheels are furnished standard of welded steel construction with spun steel and die formed airfoil blades.


Blades are heavy form airfoil section wider at the tip than at the root and such design as to create a completely new concept in axial flow wheels.
Running approximately 1/3 slower than the size conventional design vane axial fan it produced the same pressure and volume.

This 1/3 slower speed characteristics makes this fan the quietest vane axial unit.


1. Pressures to 5 Inches SP

Static pressure from 1/2 to 5 inches in volumes ranging up to over 108,000 CFM and temperatures to 160 F.

2. Wide range of Sizes

15 to 54.25 inch diameter Fan wheels with horsepower requirements of from 1/4 to 150 hp.

3. 20% t0 40% Quieter

This concept in axial wheel design runs 1/3 slower than the same size conventional vane axial fan to produce the same pressure and volume.

3. Two Models

For V-belt Drive units each with a different pitch wheel for maximum efficiency over its particular performance.