MFI Industrial Centrifugal Fans

Volumes to 70,000 CFM, Pressures to 40” WG, Temperatures up to 800’F.

 Radial Wool-Fibre Wheel (RWF)

The radial wool-Fibre wheel is designed to handle all types of air, long fibres, or stringy material and dust.
Not suitable for continuous paper trim handling.
Fan Wheel is fabricated steel in sizes all sizes.

 Radial Long Shavings Wheel (RLS)

The Radial long shaving wheel is designed for conveying or handling air or gases containing material that would have a tendency to build up on the other type of wheels.
Ideal for sticky, heavy or abrasive dust problems.
The LS wheel has six radial blades welded to a steel hub.

 Radial Backward Curve Wheel (RBC)

The Radial Backward Curve wheel has the highest efficiency and is designed for handling air and gases, either clean or containing dry granular materials, chips, saw dust, ang grain.
The BC wheel has Twelve curve blades welded to the backplate and to the streamlined sideplate.