MFI Industrial Radial Tip Fans (Type IRTF)

IRTF Industrial Radial Tip Fans are of a heavy duty, rugged design, suitable for applications involving large volumes of gas streams at moderate to high pressure. Designed to handle clean or dirty airstreams, they are widely used to exhaust gases from bag-type collectors, precipitators, scrubbers, cyclones, and other industrial applications.
This type of fan is also used for induced draft on boilers, incinerators, and kiln exhaust.
Steel, air pollution, dryer, petrochemical, cement, furnaces and ovens, solvent recovery, sewage sludge and solid waste incineration industries have found the IRTF


Moderately dirty environment, Induced draft on coal fired boiler


Heavy-duty construction with choice
of speed range:

Volume from 2,300 CFM to 193,000 CFM.
Standard fan suitable to 300°F.