MFI Centrifugal In Line Fan (Type CIL)

The CIL is a straight‐line centrifugal flow fan featuring the reliable performance of a centrifugal fan with the space saving advantages of an axial type fan.
Efficiencies in the commonly selected area.

The CIL has a higher and broader efficiency range compared to compeƟƟve tubular fans and square inline fans.
Lower operating speed for a given performance provides longer and more reliable
Also, higher efficiency leads to quieter operation.
The unique wheel design allows air to flow with a minimum of turbulence and losses.
Extra‐wide blade design delivers a larger air volume.
Relocation of bearings and drive components increase the bearing life.
A removable discharge cone facilitates maintenance and service.
Applications with larger motors utilize a pivot‐style motor base for ease of belt tension adjustments.

Capabilities & Features

Sizes 121⁄4″ and 15″ diameter with flat‐blade BI wheel.
Sizes 181⁄4″ through 89″ diameter with patented open back plate airfoil wheel.
Class I, II, and III construction.
Arrangements 1 and 9.
Horizontal and vertical mounting arrangements.
Capacities of 750 to 220,000 CFM.
Static pressures to 9″ w.g.

Standard Specifications

High efficient open back plate airfoil wheel, sizes 182 through 890
Average bearing life (AFBMA L‐50) exceeds 200,000 hours at maximum class RPM.
Shati diameters sized so that maximum operaƟng speed does not exceed 70% of first criƟcal speed.
Wheels are staƟcally and dynamically balanced prior to assembly.
with motors and drives mounted by
NPT Mechanical Builder are test run as a complete assembly and rechecked