MFI Rotary Valves / Airlocks


The prime function of a rotary valve is to regulate the flow from one chamber to another while maintaining a good airlock condition.
The product is mainly in dry powder or granular form.
In the dust filtration field good airlocks are essential on cyclone and bag filter applications in order that the manufacturer’s quoted high dust collection efficiencies can be maintained.
Airlocks are also important in the pneumatic conveying industry, where product is regulated into a high pressure conveying line while minimizing air leakage.
With “NPT” there are no double standards, all our standard valves are precision machined for close tolerances and minimal eccentricities.
Pressure differentials to 20psi and temperatures to 750° F.
We have made specials to handle temperatures covering 2200° F and pressures


Suitable for use in filters, cyclone silos, screw conveyors and low Pressure conveying system.
Sealing by means of Packing gland.


Suitable for most products and pressure differentials to 20 psi.
Blades are adjustable, reversible and replaceable and can be supplied in mild steel, PVC, stainless etc. to suit particular.


Suitable for general range of products and particularly suitable on conveying system to pressure 15 psi.
Sealing is by packing gland type with standard being flu lion.


Particularly suitable for sticky materials and discharge can be further aided by the application of PTFE coating .
Generally used in food processing where no products build up can be tolerated.


Maximum number of blades in contact with body at one time without affecting throughput.

  • Good throat opening at valve entry Allowing high pocket filling efficiency.
  • Minimum clearance at rotor tips and sides with body.
  • Robust body adequately stiffened to Prevent distortion.
  • Heavy shaft diameters minimizing deflection.
  • Outboard bearings for non‐contaminatuon.
  • Packing gland type seals.
  • Maximizing valve speed to 25 rpm ‐prolonging life, ensuring good throughput.
  • Precision machining of components.